From Idea to Ribbon Cutting

No matter where you are in the process, we can help you make decisions about the purchase, design, or construction of your building. The advice and assistance we provide covers a wide variety needs. We can be hired to help you make decisions on the best property to purchase or lease for a specific use, make recommendations on the best team for the design and construction, or act on your behalf during a renovation or new construction.

Consulting Options



We can offer our expertise to look though existing buildings, sort through potential building sites and consider the implications of various decisions. We can help you decide if you’ve found a diamond in the rough or just a block of coal.


Let us help you figure out what you need, the use and adjacency of a space, the code and zoning requirements for a potential space or use. Use our expertise to think through the pros and cons of a specific site.



So you’ve found the perfect place and can see a renovation in your future, but you first need to know what you’re working with. With our laser measuring device and computer modeling software, we can produce a 3D model of your building, from utilities to rooftop.


Having the right people on your team can make the design and construction process seamless and fun. We will listen to your needs and put together referrals for architects, designers, contractors, engineers, and contractors. We firmly believe that having a complete team from the beginning of a project can result in a better project with less fees and timeline hold ups.