Founded by architect Jessica Hester, VERDANT studio is passionate about creating spaces people love.


VERDANT studio is an ideas studio focused on thoughtful design through the lens of architecture, interiors, research, and planning.  We pride ourselves on creating highly efficient layouts that make our partner's lives easier.  We are passionate about great design and we are grateful to our partners that trust us to design great spaces with them.  We refer to our ‘clients’ as partners, because that is how our design process moves.  We work WITH them to create spaces that meets all of their goals.

The name VERDANT as defined by webster is “green in tint or color.”  We love this!  We are proud of our dedication to sustainable, “green”, architecture.  We include passive sustainability in all of our designs.  We figure there are some things that just make sense and help our partners save money over the long-haul.  We try to help our partners make the best economical and environmental decisions, we do not believe that one is autonomous to the other.  Balance is the key.  

Why did we add ‘studio’ you ask… Well, we like to think of ourselves as a creative think tank, a space where all ideas are valid and worth parsing through.  Although our primary focus is architecture, we are also interested in many other forms of creativity and our studio space provides a venue to pursue various avenues of design.

Thus you have VERDANT studio.