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The Salon and Spa of Your Dreams


The Haven Salon and Spa is a full service immersive salon experience.  The design embodies an open teaching environment while providing customers with a personalized experience.  The space includes a color bar, open salon space, several private spa rooms and tanning rooms.



Modern update for a 100-year-old building


208 Broad was an historic renovation project for the CEVIAN Design Lab offices in Rome, Georgia.  The major overhaul not only included new HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof and windows, but was an opportunity to create a space to fuel creativity with light organization.  We were able to reclaim the original wood floors and reuse the original storefront doors as part of the interior.



A house for handicap faculty.


Berry College, a small liberal arts college in Mt. Berry, Georgia houses many of their faculty on their 25,000+ acre campus.  When they hired an new professor that was wheelchair bound, they needed a space that would accommodated their needs.  This house, although small, lives large with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an open great room.


The Tree House


This highly efficient home functions as a 'near' off-the-grid bachelor pad.  This earthy client wanted a compact space to fit his simple lifestyle.  The ground floor boasts a one car garage and a bath/laundry room + a closet.  The upper floor is a one room kitchen + living + bedroom.  The house is oriented to maximize solar heat and is cooled passively through numerous operable windows.



A place to greet and direct.


The Berry College Welcome Center is the gateway to the College's 25,000+ acre campus.  Because of the size and organization of the campus it receives many visitors both academic and those interested in walking/riding the many wilderness trails.  The campus also houses the five Chick-fil-a non-profit foundations.  This space receives the campus patrons, acts as the security hub for the entire campus, and is the "front door" of the college.



A place to learn and play


The Unity Christian School renovation was completed in two phases.  The first phase included updating finishes throughout the classrooms and the addition of two science labs.  The second phase was focused on the gymnasium.  The area received a formal basketball court, concessions, locker rooms and training room and separation of the area that is used as a Crossfit and a training area for the athletes.


Modern Worship


This interior renovation project, turned what used to be office space, into a trendy spot for youth worship.  The fantastic laminated arched beams created a voluminous space worthy of highlight.  When entering the new chapel, you are welcomed with a coffee bar and information area. A new sound and lighting system rounded out the renovation.


A space to pray


The rapid growth of this ministry led to a great need for increased space.  This adaptation of an existing office building into a sanctuary, classroom, office, and fellowship space provided the required room while fitting into the budget.


Comprehensive healthcare while you wait


The Rockmart Urgent Care facility was designed in the same vernacular as previously deemed by the Floyd brand.  The iconic tower stands out as the beacon of the property while the interior is highly organized and has an efficient layout in an effort to reduce the amount of steps and energy it takes the doctors and nurses to treat the patients.  This location also houses physical therapy.


Luxury care for your pet


The West Rome Animal Clinic boasts first class boarding accommodations along with all the care services a pet might need.  Regular check ups are provided in the clinic rooms and a surgery sweet for the times when more precise services are needed.  All of this within a stone and cement board, craftsmen style, exterior.